College Confessions; The Prelude.

**I wrote this about 4 months ago. A younger self with serious lack of sleep, numerous entrance tests to write and an erstwhile rapidly depleting patience.** College. Nice and slow now, go on, absorb the chaos that it is. I'm going to wait till this avalanche snow balls, escalates, grows into a behemoth of dead … Continue reading College Confessions; The Prelude.



If these frames could speak, they'd tell you of their decapitated brethren, how each had captured the moon in its unsightly crescents, Their surface mirroring maud dust clouds, exploding supernovas, the bright spots, the ebony voids between celestial blues, and even the calm interstellar doldrums. There is beauty in chaos, And yet they remain the sole … Continue reading FRAMES

And like

And like dust we settle down, far too soon; and like dust we settle down, for far too less; And like dust we settle down, in layers far too thick; and like dust we settle down, obscuring far too much; And like dust we settle down, stealing far too many identities; And like dust we … Continue reading And like